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Reaching Our 5G Future, Faster


Previous generations of wireless technology centered around connecting people, but 5G and beyond shifts the focus to connecting devices – both to humans and to one another.

The life-changing and life-saving impacts of this connectivity require a revolutionary network infrastructure, so Open Generation members are pooling knowledge, technology, and resources to prove that the speed, reliability, low latency, and bandwidth of 5G can deliver on a promise of safer and more convenient lives.

Drone flying under sunset sky

Our Latest Publication

MITRE Engenuity Open Generation Experiment: Real-Time HazMat Sign Classification Over 5G

In this paper, the MITRE Engenuity Open Generation 5G Consortium describes a variety of flights and other activities over our private 5G network that led to a key milestone achieved in early May 2023. This experiment culminated in a one-way 6-mile uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) flight beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) which included: 

  • descending on the far end of the route while maneuvering the drone remotely,
  • executing a public safety use case scenario involving hazardous materials (HazMat) recognition on a simulated incident zone,
  • and maintaining all communication links, including command and control (C2), video streaming, and sensors, transmitted over a 5G link. 

Opening New Possibilities Through Our R&D

Open Generation is accelerating multimodal telecommunications innovation by proving the efficacy and value of low latency, high capacity, high-speed 5G networks for advanced use cases where command-and-control and device-to-device communications are essential. Our members directly influence critical research through participation in working groups focused on discovery, development, and experimentation. Our work informs developing standards with a market driven emphasis on delivering solutions for important use cases.


Open Generation advances vertical markets that will be connected and revolutionized through 5G and nextG by addressing a range of uniquely difficult use cases including:

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

    Public safety is an essential use-case for 5G and the expanding development of smart cities. Our work pushes the capabilities for drones that process at the edge flying over 5G conducting reconnaissance, ambulances that transmit data to hospitals en route, and remote traffic/transit detection, providing a window into the future of how a connected city will seamlessly create a safer world.

  • Infrastructure Inspection

    Infrastructure Inspection

    Drones flying over 5G, covering a far greater surface area than is possible with WiFi, can conduct routine inspections of warehouses, office buildings, bases, and any other large building or campus. With the added use-case of AI/ML, these drones will have the capability not only to spot weak points or necessary repairs, but direct supplies and workers directly to the point, reducing a slowdown and enhancing productivity.

  • Advanced Air Mobility

    Advanced Air Mobility

    Our work flying drones over 5G informs the future as we imagine heavier aerial systems, greater network coverage, and enhanced connectivity. Utilizing uncrewed flight over 5G as a means to respond faster to rescue situations over large bodies of water moves us toward a safer future.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart Cities

    We are exploring the infinite possibilities of an interconnected environment through advancements in 5G. With an expanded network, we can spur innovation through use-cases in traffic control, pollution detection, healthcare data sharing, and other IoT capabilities.

  • Intelligent Health

    Intelligent Health

    A wide variety of use-cases power innovation as we pursue the interconnected future of healthcare. From surgery performed through automation to remote patient data collection, our ambitious research pushes the limits of how far 5G can advance our capability to provide care.

    Bolstered by our unique access to MITRE’s proprietary AI, we’re able to envision patient safety that is both future-focused and grounded in reality.

  • Precision Agriculture

    Precision Agriculture

    Where WiFi is limited in the surface area it can operate in, 5G is not, giving us a unique opportunity to expand the capability of monitoring vast agricultural areas. Utilizing drones flown over 5G with either a public or private network, vegetation can be monitored and action can be taken when necessary, enhancing the success rate from planting to harvesting.


To date, Open Generation members have successfully launched working groups, flown drones over 5G, launched the nation’s first private 5G network at an FAA-designated UAS test site, and much more. Read the stories, and learn how you can take part.

Government Liaison Program

MITRE Engenuity’s Open Generation 5G Consortium provides engagement opportunities with Federal government leaders through roundtable discussions. Government liaisons include top-ranking officials with a vested interest in advancing 5G technology, edge computing, and telecom solutions that serve public good.

Watch Our Government Liaison Roundtables

American flag waving in front of Capitol Hill
Recognition of Open Generation as a 3GPP Market Representation Partner allows our members to directly influence the standards development that will be crucial to the future of 5G. We are excited to work with 3GPP and contribute to the important work that is yet to come.
Ajit Kahaduwe

Managing Director of Incubation and New Product Development, MITRE Engenuity

Smart city and communication network concept.

Impacting 5G Standards & Regulations

We develop and publicly publish our objective data to inform standards that benefit the entire telecom ecosystem. And, as a 3GPP Market Representation Partner, MITRE Engenuity contributes technical perspectives and domain expertise to play a leadership role in shaping the future of the telecommunications industry.

Get involved


MITRE Engenuity seeks engagement from all facets of the 5G ecosystem and its many use cases. Contact us to get involved, or sign up for e-mail updates to stay informed about the latest breakthroughs.

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