Open Generation Consortium

On November 10th, we hosted our Open Generation 5G Summit! We were joined by Senator Mark Warner and Under Secretary Ellen Lord who gave keynote addresses, and heard from 5G leaders from across government and industry.

You can view launch event right here:

Radical Collaboration to Drive Breakthrough Innovation

The Open Generation Consortium is a privately funded R&D community that brings together diverse technical experts and domain leaders to envision, design, develop, and demonstrate innovative solutions uniquely enabled by emerging 5G capabilities.

Enterprise Applications will Drive the 5G Revolution

The evolution to 5G will bring the development of powerful new use cases for enterprise customers representing an estimated $31.7B market.* Changes in the global competitive landscape threaten innovators in open democratic societies, as unfair competitive practices drive the industry towards single-provider solutions. Technical and regulatory challenges further slow innovation. Uncertain and prohibitive regulations must be addressed with solid technical guidance leveraging insights from across multiple domains. Core to the challenge is the need to move from theoretical and academic activities to demonstrating enterprise value of solutions on real-world 5G networks.

Our Approach: Driving Generational Impact

Accelerate 5G Innovation

  • Drive 5G development for advanced use cases with focus on end-to-end vertical applications
  • Convene innovators, end-users, and researchers to identify and solve complex challenges

Speak with One Technical Voice

  • Provide solid, demonstrated technical guidance to standards bodies
  • Speak with a single technical voice to inform policy with solid scientific evidence

Drive Down the Cost of Innovation

  • Deploy real-world 5G innovation ranges for innovator and industry collaboration
  • Use joint research projects to amplify return and offload risk of R&D investments

Join Us

These global challenges require cross-industry collaboration. We are recruiting leading organizations in the telecommunications, unmanned aerial systems/drones, edge computing, and industrial applications spaces to help drive breakthrough innovation.

Our members will shape the direction of the Consortium and collaborate in new ways to drive breakthrough innovation.

Contact us to learn more about how you can become a member.