MITRE Engenuity, CTIA-The Wireless Association, and other private investors have formed SecureG, a company that will develop universal security technologies for 5G.

SecureG?s security solution gives network operators and large enterprises the full potential of 5G as the market expands its offerings with the supporting security infrastructure. 5G networks rely on zero trust to ensure networks can securely carry payloads and protect data and systems from cyber attacks. SecureG is the root of trust for the security of 5G providers and enterprises, using standards-based security interoperability.

SecureG: The right people at the right time.

SecureG is the center of gravity for government, non-profits, and industry perspectives. SecureG’s primary investors are two not-for-profit entities, which will ensure that management and product development philosophies align with their respective public-interest missions. SecureG also has assembled key experienced venture investors to ensure SecureG’s solution reaches maximum market adoption, which is particularly important in creating a uniform method of trust. Additionally, SecureG has assembled the best technical experts with a collective industry perspective, preventing a market-position solution from a single carrier or company that could cause interoperability and trust challenges.