EU ATT&CK Community Workshop

May 21, 2020Center for Threat-Informed Defense, Cybersecurity

On May 18-19, the MITRE Engenuity Center for Threat-Informed Defenseâ„¢co-hosted an ATT&CK Workshop with Freddy Dezeure that had more than 1,800 participants representing over 75 countries from across the globe. During the workshop, we polled attendees to gain critical insights into how the ATT&CK framework is being used. Amongst what we found was that the majority of users rely on ATT&CK for detection and threat intelligence and that much of the community is preparing for sub-technique implementation. Learn more about the poll results here.

The Workshop featured 39 presentations from a wide range of ATT&CK framework users and resource developers, as well as members of the ATT&CK team at MITRE. MITRE Engenuity was honored to support this global outreach and engagement to advance a deeper understanding of how threat-informed defense can strengthen overall cybersecurity. Together, we will continue to create a safer world for all.