Center for Threat-Informed Defense

The cybersecurity challenges that we face transcend any single organization, sector, or nation. Defending against adversaries requires uniting industry across sectors to advance our abilities in threat-informed defense. The Center for Threat-Informed Defense brings together leading security teams and organizations committed to funding public interest R&D that accelerates publicly available resources critical to cyber defenses.

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ATT&CK Evaluations

First started by MITRE in 2018, ATT&CK Evaluations are now driven by MITRE Engenuity. Using a transparent methodology based on real-world adversary behaviors found in the ATT&CK framework, the evaluations describe a security vendor’s product capabilities, limitations, and direction for driving future improvement.

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CyberReady TTX™ for Patient Safety

Health systems are under attack. From malware to ransomware to privacy breaches, healthcare organizations must understand and prepare for impact on business operations and patient safety. Our tabletop exercises help your team create a customized cyber response plan.

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