Cyber Tabletop Exercises Focused on Patient Safety

What’s the Best Way to Prepare?

Most health organizations anticipate cyber attacks and have plans already in place. But have those plans been pressure tested? Are the most critical systems being protected? Are there meaningful contingency plans needed that are specific to your organization?

MITRE Engenuity’s cyber tabletop exercise for health systems evaluates your cyber response plan by creating scenarios that identify gaps between what you’ve planned for and what can actually happen. The exercises are designed for healthcare IT, risk, and information security professionals who want to better understand the most important IT systems to protect in their organization, what techniques adversaries are using to target those systems, and what actions might prevent or help you respond to these cyber attacks.

Lead Your Team to Collaborative Thinking

Working with your team, we’ll design your cyber tabletop exercise to:

  • Verify your plans and protocols
  • Validate your operations and processes
  • Improve your team’s ability to prevent damage from a cyber attack
  • Identify the critical cyber knowledge gaps in your organization

With independent advice and systems thinking, MITRE Engenuity, a foundation for public good, works to strengthen cyber resilience across the healthcare industry. Together with industry partners, we’re relentlessly advancing efforts to understand and respond to cyber threats, with an emphasis on ensuring patient safety.

MITRE Engenuity approaches cybersecurity readiness from the public interest perspective.  MITRE Engenuity’s research goal is to make findings and conclusions  available for all to ensure the public can benefit from MITRE Engenuity’s unique insights.  MITRE Engenuity will never disclose sensitive information of its partners.

“We experienced a brief systemwide downtime and the role of the exercise in preparing teams for that event has been mentioned in every debriefing.”

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