Center for Threat-Informed Defense:

Benefactor Program

Benefactors Make a Positive Impact by Directly Funding Threat-Informed Defense Programs

The Benefactor Program enables the global community to financially advance critical, public interest cybersecurity programs such as MITRE ATT&CK®, CALDERA™, MITRE Engage™, and the Center for Threat-Informed Defense through charitable giving. Our benefactors are globally recognized for supporting independent research in the public interest.​

Benefactor contributions advance MITRE ATT&CK, CALDERA, MITRE Engage, and Center for Threat-Informed Defense R&D 



ATT&CK is a freely available, community-driven knowledge base of adversary TTPs curated by MITRE. It is used globally to advance our shared understanding of adversary TTPs and empower defenders. ATT&CK shifts cyber defense to be behavior-based, supporting communication across teams, and enabling the community to get ahead of the adversary. Benefactors sustain and advance ATT&CK through their financial contributions, ensuring that the knowledge base evolves as cyber attackers evolve and our IT environment changes.

MITRE Caldera Logo

MITRE Caldera

Caldera is the world’s leading open-source, scalable adversary emulation platform. With the ATT&CK knowledge base as its backbone, Caldera empowers cyber practitioners to save time, money, and energy through automated adversary emulation operations, security assessments, and red-teaming. Benefactor contributions will help sustain Caldera’s open-source operations and repositories and will further research and development to advance the state-of-the-art in adversary emulation.

MITRE Engage Logo

MITRE Engage

MITRE Engage is a framework for planning and discussing adversary engagement activities. MITRE Engage maps to ATT&CK tactics and techniques to illuminate opportunities for the defender to take advantage of the vulnerabilities adversaries expose while operating on the defender-controlled network. Benefactor contributions will help Engage drive innovation in adversary engagement and ensure state-of-the-art guidance on the safe and effective use of these technologies is continuously available to the global cyber community.​

Center for Threat-Informed Defense

The Center conducts public interest research to advance the shared understanding of adversary behaviors and systematically improve our collective ability to defend against those behaviors. The Center creates practical resources that are used by cybersecurity teams around the world, making cybersecurity more efficient and effective, while enabling innovation. Benefactors fund the Center’s public interest research.

Benefactors Can Access a Suite of Benefits Depending on Level of Contribution*

Bi-annual Report

Bi-annual reports update benefactors on the program’s impact.

Digital Badge

Badge for recognition and promotion of contribution

Social Media Announcement

Announcement of new benefactors through social media post from the Center

Logo Placement on Website

Company logo showcased on selected program’s

Annual Program Feedback Discussion

Participation in annual meeting with MITRE program experts


Invitation to bi-annual program update webinars

Booth Presence

Select complementary booth presence at MITRE / MITRE Engenuity events

Exclusive Networking Receptions

Invitations to exclusive networking receptions at special events or conferences

*Minimum contribution level starts at USD $10,000

Become a Benefactor

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