Center for Threat-Informed Defense:
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The Center’s mission is simple: Advance the state of the art and the state of the practice in threat-informed defense… globally. In the Center, the most highly sophisticated cybersecurity teams from around the world come together to research and develop solutions to critical challenges and make the results of our work freely available.

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As a highly sophisticated user of ATT&CK®, your organization is at the helm of the Center’s research and development program. Our Participants are industry thought leaders and innovators that shape hard problems from ideas to game-changing solutions in cybersecurity. In addition to paying membership dues, Center Participants fund the Center’s R&D projects and actively collaborate in the development of all Center R&D understanding that their contributions go a long way to changing the game on the adversary. Learn more about becoming a Center Participant

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Contribute to Sustaining Critical Cybersecurity Programs

Benefactors enable the global community to financially advance critical, public interest cybersecurity programs such as MITRE ATT&CK®, MITRE Caldera™, MITRE Engage™, and the Center for Threat-Informed Defense through charitable giving. Our Benefactors are globally recognized for supporting independent research in the public interest.​ Learn more about becoming a Benefactor.​

Adopt the Freely Available R&D

Widespread adoption of the Center’s R&D is critical to increasing its impact. Using our work to advance threat-informed defense in your organization goes a long way to ultimately changing the game on the adversary. Letting us know how you are using the Center’s R&D allows us to continually refine our work to make it easier to adopt and more impactful. Be the first to know about R&D project releases when you sign up to stay informed.