Project Summary

Published : Aug 15, 2023

The Workbench project expands the functionality of the current platform to enable teams to explore, create, annotate, and share extensions of the ATT&CK knowledge base. This work increases the utility of using Workbench as a local knowledge base that can be extended with a team’s new or updated techniques, tactics, mitigations groups, and software. 


Defenders struggle to integrate their organization’s local knowledge of adversaries and their TTPs with the public ATT&CK knowledge base.


Expand and improve the open-source software tool, ATT&CK Workbench, to allow organizations to better manage and extend their own local version of ATT&CK and keep it in sync with MITRE’s knowledge base.


Reduce the barriers for defenders to ensure that their threat intelligence is aligned with the public ATT&CK knowledge base.

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