MITRE ATT&CK Defender™ (MAD) is a training and credentialing program for cybersecurity operations and individuals looking to strengthen their threat-informed defense approach to security Through a mix of on-demand and live training opportunities that focus on certifying real-world mastery in the application of the MITRE ATT&CK® knowledge base, MAD helps organizations stay ahead of adversaries. 

A program focused on real-world skills for immediate impact on operations 

MAD’s courses, assessments, and agile credentialing program focus on skills training and real-world mastery, enabling certified defenders to immediately adopt and leverage the ATT&CK knowledge base in their work environment.   

Credentials structured to maintain a continuous advantage over time 

MAD is changing the game in cyber certifications with an agile “living credential” program that promotes defenders to continuously update their knowledge and skill against the latest threatsMAD offers updated credentials when the threat landscape changes,helping certified defenders maintain an advantage over the adversary over time

Content authored by MITRE’s own ATT&CK subject matter experts for optimal results 

Unique to the industry is that MAD’s training and assessments are produced and regularly updated by MITRE’s own ATT&CK subject matter experts. Learners gain the added value of receiving MITRE innovation, objectivity, and technical know-how directly from the source. 

A comprehensive curriculum ensures holistic threat-informed operations 

The MAD curriculum helps defenders apply ATT&CK across three critical areas of cyber operations, such as cyber threat intelligence, testing and evaluation, and defensive measures.  The curriculum is constantly growing and currently offers skills training and credentialing in the areas of: 

  • ATT&CK Fundamentals 
  • ATT&CK for Cyber Threat Intelligence 
  • ATT&CK for Security Operations Center Assessments 
  • ATT&CK for Adversary Emulation Methodology 
  • ATT&CK for Threat Hunting Detection Engineering