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Safely Operating Aircraft Remotely (SOAR):

Education for Public Safety Remote Pilots

A police officer standing in front of a white van.

Join Our Mission

Join us in our mission to support a nationally standardized training program for UAS operators in public safety. Go to the form page to request training or become a trainer. 

Upcoming Courses

Calling all Public Safety community members with a Part 107 license!
Claim your seat in SOAR’s inaugural course, Fundamentals of UAS Maneuvering!

Evolving Public Safety Standards

Drones are rapidly becoming a necessity and a requirement for public safety agencies to conduct operations safely, efficiently, and effectively.  First Responders are being asked to use this tool more often and have found the use of drones to be critical in time-sensitive, dangerous, and high-risk situations.

MITRE Engenuity’s Safely Operating Aircraft Remotely (SOAR™) program is a training program available to public safety remote operators to improve the function and execution of maneuvering small Aircraft Systems, or drones, in response to safety incidents, tactical operations, and specialized public safety scenarios.

A person preparing to launch a multirotor drone outdoors with onlookers in the background.

Tech and Training for Public Good

Today, there are no consistent standards that exist for public safety remote pilot training. Pilots across different public safety agencies will gain a uniform baseline of skillsets and knowledge, regardless of their locality or jurisdiction. SOAR is backed by MITRE’s continually growing partnerships with federal, state, and local public safety agencies.

SOAR is the first drone training program that is focused on furthering public safety and enriching First Responder development. MITRE Engenuity is a neutral, trusted, non-biased third-party organization that works at the intersection of government and industry to accelerate innovation for public good through the development of innovative programs like SOAR.

Impactful Collaboration

Accelerating Innovation for Public Good by forging partnerships with the private sector to solve problems that no one organization can solve alone. Impactful collaboration between 22 founding members representing the Department of Homeland Security, law enforcement, fire and rescue, national associations, federal partners, and academic institutions support MITRE Engenuity SOAR.

A First for Safe Public Safety Flight Missions

MITRE, in partnership with DRONERESPONDERS have answered the call by creating the first public safety training program for remote pilots who have obtained a Part 107 License from the Federal Aviation Administration.

  • Refresher for Part 107, a pre-test and a knowledge test
  • Training through onsite instruction
  • In-person practical maneuvers training
  • In-person final examinations to test proficiency
A woman holding a drone at sunset.

SOAR Curriculum

1: Pre-Requisites and Refresher for Part 107Confirms flight basics with a pre-test and a knowledge test. 12 hours, including 8 hours of content learning and 4 of optional flight simulation time.
2: Public Safety UAS Overview Critical training needed to operate advance tools for mission response through onsite instruction

Classroom instruction at test facility.
4 hours
3: Basic Flight Maneuvering In-person practical training20 hours
4: Proficiency Testing In-person flight examinations to ensure pilot proficiency4 hours
5: First Responder MissionsIn-person scenario based training designed to replicate situations public safety personnel are likely to face when operating.4 hours

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