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MAD Professors

Andy Applebaum

Andy Applebaum

Principal Cyber Security Engineer at MITRE

Andy Applebaum is a principal cybersecurity engineer at MITRE. He works on applied and theoretical security research problems, primarily in the realms of cyber defense, security automation, and automated adversary emulation. As a well-established researcher, he’s published numerous papers and spoken at multiple academic and industry conferences, including Black Hat Europe, SANS Security Operations Summit, BSides NOVA, and the FIRST Conference.

Before working at MITRE, Andy received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California Davis.

Govardhen Arunagiri

Offensive Security Engineer at MITRE

Govardhen Arunagiri is an Offensive Security Engineer at the MITRE Corporation and former penetration tester at Praetorian. Govardhen applies his background in offensive cyber security assessments and his experience in adversary emulation to improve the security of sensitive environments both within and external to MITRE. Govardhen earned his B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park, and is currently pursuing his M.S. in Information Security Engineering at the SANS Technology Institute.

Dan Ellis

Principal Cyber Operations Engineer at MITRE

Dan Ellis came to MITRE in 2001 as an intern from UC Santa Barbara, where he was working on a PhD in computer science. MITRE offered to fund his research (into network worm techniques and mitigations) and he transferred to George Mason University, where he finished his PhD in 2006. He obtained two patents from that research. Since then, he’s been developing and operationalizing various cyber operating concepts.

Before coming to MITRE, Dan completed his bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, where he completed a major in computer science and a minor in Russian, following a two-year church service mission in Russia. Outside of work, Dan and his family are beginner homesteaders endeavoring to live more resiliently.

Antonia Feffer

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at MITRE

Antonia Feffer is a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer for the MITRE Corporation. Her professional interests are centered on improving cybersecurity in support of national defense, with emphasis on defensive cyber operations and cyber analytics.  Before joining MITRE, Antonia served as a Cyber Warfare Officer in the United States Army, and she continues to work on innovative research and real-world problem sets that aim to advance the state of cyberspace operations and cyber threat hunting. 

Jackie Lasky

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer and ATT&CK® Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at MITRE

Jackie Lasky is a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer and ATT&CK Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst for the MITRE Corporation. She’s been a member of the MITRE ATT&CK team for three years and is currently involved in various efforts involving data analytics, machine learning, and CTI for ATT&CK.

Jackie holds a B.S. in Computer Science from George Mason University and is currently working on her M.S. in Analytics at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Michael Long II

Principal Adversary Emulation Engineer at MITRE

Michael Long is a Principal Adversary Emulation Engineer at the MITRE Corporation and a former U.S. Army Cyber Operations Specialist. Michael has over 10 years’ experience in offensive and defensive cyber operations. Michael leads adversary emulation projects with MITRE to improve the cybersecurity of our nation’s most sensitive and critical networks. Michael has contributed to open-source projects including Metasploit and CALDERA. He is also the maintainer of the Offensive GoLang project. Michael has presented at events including Wild West Hackin’ Fest, DEFCON Adversary Village, and ATT&CKcon.

Steve Luke

Steve Luke

Director of Content, MITRE ATT&CK Defender

Steve Luke is the Director of Content for MITRE ATT&CK Defender™. He’s dedicated to empowering organizations with more effective ways to robustly detect and respond to cyber-attacks. Since 2007, Steve has focused on delivering innovative solutions to cyber missions, with a special focus on ATT&CK® and its application to hunting. Steve co-authored a paper on TTP-Based Hunting, developed and delivered educational materials about that methodology, and leads purple teaming events to explore ATT&CK techniques and develop robust analytic approaches to detect them.

Steve earned a B.S. and Masters of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University with a focus on digital signal processing. Prior to joining MITRE in 2005, he served as an officer in the United States Air Force.

Mike McFail

Lead Cyber Analytics Engineer at MITRE

Previously at MITRE Mike performed detection research and engineering for numerous government sponsors across the Enterprise and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) domains. He then spent several years doing software development, detection engineering, and wore about a dozen other hats at an ICS security startup before returning to MITRE. He has several cats and a Masters degree in Computer Science from Purdue University. 

Adam Pennington


Adam Pennington (@_whatshisface) leads ATT&CK at The MITRE Corporation and collected much of the intelligence leveraged in creating ATT&CK‘s initial techniques. Adam is a member of the core ATT&CK team and the editor in chief for the ATT&CK Blog. He has spent over a decade with MITRE studying and preaching the use of deception for intelligence gathering. Adam has presented and published several venues, including FIRST CTI, USENIX Security, and ACM Transactions on Information and System Security.

Before joining MITRE, Adam was a researcher at Carnegie Mellon’s Parallel Data Lab and earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in computer science and electrical and computer engineering and the 2017 Alumni Service Award from Carnegie Mellon University.

 Amy L. Robertson

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at MITRE

Amy Robertson is a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer for the MITRE corporation with over a decade of experience mitigating national security cyber risk. Amy provides cyber threat intelligence support to a number of mission spaces, including space assets and weapons systems. Before joining MITRE, Amy led the Department of Homeland Security’s NCCIC Strategic Communications team and supported international cyber collaboration and capacity-building programs across Europe and Central Asia. Amy’s experience extends into the private sector, where she managed cyber risk assessments and Cyber-OSINT & SOCMINT investigations for critical infrastructure portfolios.

Ms. Robertson received a B.A. in Social Science and History from Thomas Edison State College. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Johns Hopkins University with an M.A. in Global Security Studies.

Clem Skorupka

Principal Cybersecurity Engineer at MITRE

Clem Skorupka is a Principal Cybersecurity Engineer at MITRE. His work has spanned both operations and research, focusing on improving the effectiveness of threat information in organizations. Throughout his career, he’s developed new techniques and technologies that enhance cybersecurity data collection, sharing, and application for the DoD, the IC, and, more recently, for civilian government sponsors. Dr. Skorupka is a co-author of NIST’s Special Publication 800-150 “Guide to Cyber Threat Information Sharing”.

Dr. Skorupka holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Physics and is the recipient of an Office of Naval Technology Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Sean Muehlenhardt Whitley

Cyber Operations Lead at MITRE

Sean Muehlenhardt Whitley has worked at the MITRE Corporation for over 9 years and is currently a Cyber Operations Lead. He has spent most of his career conducting research on methods for detecting APTs. He has co-authored several papers on the topic and has been a primary contributor to the Cyber Analytics Repository. Sean has a B.S in Information Science from Christopher Newport University and M.S. in Information Security and Assurance from George Mason University.

Jamie Williams

Lead Cyber Adversarial Engineer at MITRE

Jamie Williams is a Cyber Adversarial Engineer for the MITRE Corporation. He works on various exciting efforts involving security operations and research, specializing in adversary emulation and behavior-based detections. He also leads teams that help shape and deliver the “adversary-touch” within ATT&CK and ATT&CK Evaluations.

Before joining MITRE, Jamie received his M.S. in Information Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and his B.S. in Information Systems from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).

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