The Center has three participation levels: Research Partner, Research Sponsor, and Non-Profit Participant. Members may propose R&D projects, which allows them to choose and shape the projects they participate in. Center dues support operations and core member services, while the annual R&D commitment funds direct research.

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Membership Type

Non-Profit Participant
Research Sponsor
Research Partner
Eligible for MITRE staff externship.
Propose collaborative R&D projects. Non-profit participant may be invited to participate.
Participants will be able to create a testbed to experiment with adversary emulation scenarios.
Participants will be able to provision analytic development "cells" where subgroups of participants collaborate on analytic development and testing.
Provides input to Center staff on priorities, activities, and initiatives.
1 seat
Provides input to the ATT&CK Evaluations leadership on their priorities for which adversaries to emulate and feedback on ways to maximize utility of the results.
In-depth briefings on the results of each round of ATT&CK Evaluations.
The number of participant representatives eligible to participate in ATT&CK expert briefings and collaboration topics.
Secure platform for participants and staff to communicate and collaborate in real time, which provides access to the trusted Center community.
Guaranteed ATT&CKcon conference seats at no additional cost.
Eligible to promote joint webinars highlighting sponsored R&D projects.
Participant logo on the Center website; may feature Center logo in marketing materials.