Evaluating Mobile Security Products: Compromised Devices

As described in our overview post on evaluating mobile security technologies, we are releasing a blog series to bring the community up to a collective understanding of the mobile threat landscape, explain our current thinking on evaluating mobile security products, and solicit feedback on both mobile threats as well as evaluation methodologies for the domain.

This post explores the last of four mobile threat scenarios: compromised mobile devices. We believe that evaluating compromised mobile device detection capabilities of mobile security products has immense challenges, and that it is not practical at this time. However, we are interested in input from the community on potential paths forward.

We invite feedback from the community on all aspects of this research, whether better insights into the threats that need to be defended against, types of products to evaluate, or how to evaluate technologies against these threats. Please reach out to the ATT&CK Evaluations team (evals@mitre-engenuity.org) with any comments or questions you might have to help shape our future work in this space.

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