MITRE@CES: Gaining innovation intel while strengthening AARP’s AgeTech

Photo Credit: Roger Krisby for AARP 

MITRE Engenuity attended the 2023 Consumer Technology Association’s Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) annual conference in collaboration with the AARP to support their inaugural AgeTech Summit. The AARP AgeTech Summit is a dedicated program that brings together key speakers and panel discussions focused on innovative technology solutions designed to meet the needs of the world’s aging population. As MITRE’s externally focused arm that collaborates with subject matter experts to bring innovations to market, Engenuity has a unique ability to build opportunities for impact during the global demographic shift towards older populations by bringing together public and private entities through relationships with industry, academia, and investors. See MITRE Engenuity at CES.

Director of MITRE Labs’ Health Innovation Center and presenter at the event, Linda Fischetti, emphasizes that the importance of MITRE’s attendance was two-fold, “We attended not only as a technology innovator, but also to learn what’s trending, especially in terms of the focus of startup energy for adopting and adapting new technologies. We need to know the cutting edge of industry to serve our mission at MITRE to be a connection between government and industry.”  

Brendan McEntee, MITRE Engenuity’s Incubation Lead for New Offerings, also presented at the event, and he remarks on how MITRE’s status as a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) administrator made us uniquely capable to solve cross-industry challenges: “Our depth of expertise in a variety of domains and our dedication to our mission allows MITRE to take a system of systems approach to solving complex challenges that others cannot. Industry will often withdraw when the work gets too risky, while nonprofits or philanthropy may be less focused on sustainability or rapid scaling of market solutions.” 

MITRE Labs Applied Cybersecurity Engineering Principal Matt Weir gave demonstrations at the MITRE Engenuity booth comparing semiconductors of different items. He affirms that “We’re bringing together people across MITRE – from the Cyber Solutions Innovation Center to the NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence – to discuss how modeling cybersecurity threats is the same and different across different types of industries. For example, what makes your pacemaker different from your connected vehicle or your industrial control system or your HVAC system or your enterprise computer?”  Matt’s innovative demo brought a sense of urgency to the current challenges in microprocessor-based systems, further highlighting MITRE’s work in the space. 

MITRE’s Bridging Innovation group further helped MITRE Engenuity connect with philanthropic groups at CES by sponsoring the CTA Foundations inaugural Grantmakers in Aging Luncheon. “Bridging Innovations role is to help MITRE engage in innovation ecosystems, build relations for impact and kickoff new initiatives. There is a wealth of opportunity for good MITRE work at the intersection of technology and aging,” commented Russ Graves, Bridging Innovation Leader.  

AgeTech à la MITRE  

Multiple MITRE experts helped maximize AgeTech’s presence at CES. Click the below links to view their presentations: 

  • Brendan McEntee, Incubation Lead, MITRE Engenuity 

Meredith Benedict 

“When I was preparing to be a speaker at CES, Brendan, Kathy and I met with a consultant who had been engaged by AARP to help them determine who should appear on their CES stage. During our meeting, I described collaborating with MITRE’s Smart Cities Lab and the consultant mentioned the organization Leading Cities, a nonprofit based out of Boston that aims to drive resiliency and sustainability for all by cultivating a global network of cities that share advanced research, trends and technologies. She is a board member of the organization, and connected me with Michael Lake, the CEO. We have subsequently met on several calls, and I invited two Leading Cities AcceliCity startups to be on health panels at the January 2023 MITRE Smart Cities Summit.”  

To learn more about Meredith’s work with MITRELabs, read the full Q&A here! 

Kathy Kim 

“On the ACTIVATE program we focus on rural environments. We look at remote patient monitoring of patients in their home who have diabetes and hypertension and connect them to their provider, most often the rural community health centers. MITRE developed a platform to achieve this connection and we’ve implemented it in four Community health centers.   

We have patients that are using devices in their home and health centers that are managing the data as it comes through and doing interventions with the patients. Health coaches are interacting with the patients and then they’re doing telehealth visits. We’re using that to really improve management of chronic disease.” 

 To learn more about Kathy’s work with MITRELabs, read the full Q&A here!