MITRE Engenuity and the MITRE Accelerator are pleased to announce the addition of William Booth as ATT&CK® Evaluations General Manager.

An essential component of MITRE Engenuity’s Cybersecurity work, ATT&CK Evaluations bring together cybersecurity solutions providers with MITRE experts to evaluate an organization’s capabilities. Each evaluation follows a systematic methodology using a threat-informed purple teaming approach to capture critical context around a solution’s ability to detect or protect against known adversary behavior as defined by the ATT&CK knowledge base. Results from each evaluation are thoroughly documented and openly published. The evaluations are measurable and repeatable, making them useful for continual assessments of incremental improvements. As General Manager, Booth will oversee ATT&CK Evaluations as it continues to grow in both size and scope, serving the cybersecurity community with essential analyses of products and services through neutral, unbiased assessments.

William Booth wears a blue shirt and smiles in front of a tree.

“As GM of Evals, I am excited to apply MITRE’s technological foresight to spark, shape, and shock the conversation around cyber security – encouraging our peers, collaborators, and evaluation participants to grow and innovate for the public good. I’m looking forward to working with the talented Evals team as we continue to push the envelope.”

William Booth
ATT&CK Evaluations General Manager

Prior to joining MITRE Engenuity, Booth was the lead of CALDERA, MITRE’s open-source software project. In this role, he oversaw all product management, UX/UI, sales, customer support, finance, and marketing. Under his leadership, and with the support of an incredible team, the project more than quadrupled in size and impact.

As the lead of CALDERA (which included Pathfinder, the first Center for Threat-Informed Defense funded project), Booth worked alongside Jon Baker at CTID, a similarly critical component of MITRE Engenuity’s Cyber Resiliency portfolio.

Booth is a graduate of The University of Kansas and earned his MBA from the University of Chicago.

Learn more about the work that the ATT&CK Evaluations team is doing.


The ATT&CK Evaluations team recently completed emulating and evaluating enterprise providers for defenses against the Russian-based threat group, Turla, that has infected victims in over 450 countries. View the results for free.

MITRE ATT&CK Evaluations Enterprise Turla Emulation cover page.

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