Ken Hansen, President and CEO at HTKH LLC Episode 5

R&D as the Foundation of the Future Supply Chain

How can policy makers and industry leaders work together to create impactful change?

  • Ken Hansen
  • President and CEO, HTKH LLC
Aired: June 10, 2021

In episode 5, Ken Hansen, President & CEO, HTKH LLC joins Dr. Nadia Schadlow and Pavneet Singh to speak about why the Semiconductor Research Corporation was created, as well as the role that it played in the industry in its early years. Hansen speaks about how companies are working to bridge the “lab to fab challenge” and how the private sector and policy officials can work together to solve those challenges facing the industry. We’ll also hear about the Decadal Plan, the role the USG might play in advancing its research agenda, and recent legislation such as the CHIPS Act.