Circuit Talk, Funders and Founders spotlight of guest Tom Leahy, Head of Aerospace and Defense Business Development Episode 0

SiFive and the RISC-V Revolution

  • Tom Leahy
  • Head of Aerospace & Defense Business Development, SiFive
Aired: November 2, 2023

Tom Leahy, Head of Aerospace & Defense Business Development at SiFive, joins John Cole for this episode of Circuit Talk: Funders and Founders. Leahy speaks at length about the critical work that SiFive is doing in the semiconductor industry; work that is not going unnoticed by both the public and private sector. Recent partnerships with Google and NASA show how SiFive serves as a trusted organization for micro architecture.

SiFive is currently being used by a staggering eight of the top ten semiconductor companies, as well as increasing their work with the Department of Defense and the wider Defense Industrial Base. Leahy’s perspective is invaluable as semiconductor fabrication continues to expand across the ecosystem in the wake of the CHIPS Act.

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