Susie Armstrong, Senior VP at Qualcomm, inc. Episode 7

The View from Industry

What is the role of partners and allies in building a trusted and competitive semiconductor supply chain?

  • Susie Armstrong
  • Senior VP, Engineering, Qualcomm, Inc.
Aired: June 24, 2021

In Episode 7, the finale of MITRE Engenuity’s Circuit Talk, Dr. Nadia Scahdlow and Pavneet Singh welcome Susie Armstrong, Senior Vice President at Qualcomm. A veteran of the technology industry, she is uniquely placed to provide her current assessment on the real engineering and financial challenges that the U.S. chip industry faces. We will learn how the U.S. fares in the global market, as well as what lessons we can learn from other countries as the U.S. orients itself to compete over the coming decades.