Detect and Avoid Objects in Flight Using 5G Technology

Open Generation members created a DAA prototype solution for uncrewed aircraft (UA) using cellular technology with commercially available C-V2X modems.

Since the development of the radar system during World War II, aviation has had a requirement to differentiate between “friend or foe.” In today’s age, UAs must be able to detect aircraft not equipped with transponders or Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B), otherwise known as “noncooperative” aircraft.

This paper describes the development of a prototype, and the set of experiments conducted by Open Generation 5G Consortium to assist in providing industry input in an ongoing 3GPP Release 18. It looks at how to support the following concepts using cellular technologies in reserved spectrum:

  • Detect and avoid
  • Collision avoidance
  • Remote ID

The future of UA flight necessitates innovations in DAA to fit within, as well as encourage the evolution of, existing regulations. If you have an interest in UAS technology, you’ll want to know what Open Generation is doing to inform Standards about securely operating drones.

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Making Detect and Avoid a Reality for UAS Paper Cover Image