5G Innovation, Standards & Regulations | Keynote by Gerry Libunao

Gerry Libunao, Distinguished Engineer at Verizon, presents the principled approach of the Open Generation 5G Consortium and their mission to spur regulations-driven innovation.  

Beginning with an abbreviated history of the industry, Libunao takes us forward to the present with what he refers to as a current “relentless wave of innovation.” A foundational technology, he speaks to how 5G opens the door for innovation in sectors ranging from mobile edge computing to AI/ML to the blockchain. Within each independent innovation, 5G is similarly transforming industry verticals, hitting sectors including transportation, education, and manufacturing. 

With a keen focus on how industry standards are critical for advancements within the field, Libunao speaks directly to the role that the Open Generation Consortium plays in vertically driven R&D experimentation to accelerate innovation. He goes into detail about the two outdoor UAS test beds that are currently up and running in Rome, NY, Blacksburg, VA, and the indoor facility at Northeastern University. Each present unique capabilities to advance use case innovation, including package delivery, BVLOS, and infrastructure inspection, all areas that will continue to define advancements in 5G and beyond. 

With a conclusion focused on regulations-driven innovation, this keynote is an essential summary of not just the work that Open Generation does, but how it is approached and the care that is taken to steward good growth and innovation.  

Following his keynote, there is a brief overview of UAS and the standards involved with them, given by Adrian Buckley of MITRE, as well as an introduction to supplemental regulations-focused panels. Watch the entire presentation here: