5G mmWave Use Cases

mmWave’s emergence in the telecom ecosystem creates a unique position to provide bandwidth and performance for essential 5G use cases. In an in depth discussion ranging from the limitations to the possibilities of mmWave, this panel of experts led by Gerry Libunao provides a vision for the future that is not to be missed. 

Beginning with a brief overview of mmWave and how it fits into the larger ecosystem of network access and reliability, Gerry Libunao brings Jisung Oh, Amitabha Ghosh, and Javed Khan in to discuss how their work is directly impacted by mmWave, as well as to provide their expertise on the impact it will have on the entire ecosystem. 

The discussion takes many avenues, touching on network access, densification issues, and audience questions relating to indoor/outdoor reliability and transmission. Two critical aspects that the panel provides their input on are visibility and fixed wireless access.  mmWave has the unique issue of not being able to penetrate through walls, meaning that for it to be deployed effectively in a dense city, there would need to be stations planted in enough places so that when visibility was lost for one, it could be picked up by another. Another use case discussed in great detail, is a private network at a stadium for a sporting event. The issue of visibility is no longer as much of an issue, and the privacy granted by the deployment of mmWave, matched with the high bandwidth, provide an attractive use case to work through. 

All of these aspects and more are touched on by this panel of experts. Their discussion around 5G mmWave use cases is not one to be missed. 

Moderator: Gerry Libunao, Distinguished Engineer, Network Planning, Verizon

Panelists: Jisung Oh, CEO and President, Phytunes; Amitabha Ghosh, Nokia Fellow and Head, Radio Interface Group, Nokia Standards; Javed Khan, Sr. Director, 5G RAN Product Management, Rakuten Symphony