Advanced Air Mobility: Uncrewed Flight in a 5G World

Advanced Air Mobility - Image of a Drone

Advanced Air Mobility is an essential component of advancing toward our 5G future. Transformational air transportation that accounts for everything ranging from small uncrewed aircraft delivering parcels to urban air taxis, to remotely piloted regional transportation, AAM is top of mind for all 5G innovators and field experts. 

Joined by Christopher Nassif, Jeff Breunig, and Rod Randall, Andy Lacher of NASA leads a robust discussion touching on regulatory issues, industry needs, and technical advancements in AAM. Lending their expertise from three critical areas impacted by developments in 5G, this panel is a must-watch for anyone interested or invested in the future of AAM. 

Throughout this panel, the experts touch on three key issues impacting both innovation and advancement in AAM, expanding on how 5G specifically impacts industry and regulatory growth:  

  • Accessibility: UAS operations are technologically agnostic – what changes from use case to use case is access to technology and the risk of deployment 
  • Safety: Not just related to examples such as uncrewed passenger flights, but proving vehicle-to-vehicle communications are reliable enough to usher in a new generation of UAS regulations that open the door for more/safer flights 
  • Community Acceptance: Business cases must be proven to get buy-in not just from local and national politicians who can advance regulatory bodies, but technological advancements alone won’t prove viability. There must be buy-in from industry in order to test use cases that can earn respect from the community, making buy-in from local leaders a given. 

Hear about these three aspects and more from the experts themselves in this riveting discussion. 

Moderator: Andy Lacher, Chief Technologist for Future Airspace Operations, NASA 

Panelists: Rod Randall, Chairman of the Board, MagLev Aero; Jeff Breunig, Principal, Navigation & UAS, MITRE;  Chris Nassif, Program Manager, FAA; Bobby Sakaki, Head of Product, Ascent Aerosystems