Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Edge Computing

As our experience with technology and the metaverse becomes more immersive, the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will not only increase by necessity but will play an important part in both the regulatory process and the path to earning trust and buy-in from future userbases. In the last few years, somewhat in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been numerous accelerated innovations within the AI/ML ecosystem – this panel of experts discusses their own roles, as well as their general vision for the past, present, and future. 

 Moderated by Rika Nakazawa, this panels features experts from across the AI/ML and Edge computing ecosystem. Tomasso Melodia, Ravi Guntupalli, Jeff Nezon, and Daniel Jakubisin all share their perspective, insight, and relevant expertise on their personal work in the industry, as well as their general thoughts about the future. 

Through a robust discussion, which includes a great video presentation on the impact of this burgeoning technology through multiple use cases at Odience, the panel touches on topics ranging from lighthearted jokes about our future AI overlords to the fascinating discourse around whether or not/how much COVID-19 had to do with the acceleration of these critical advancements. Of particular interest are Ravi Guntupalli talking about how AI/ML use cases need to be vertically integrated, dealt out on a case by case basis, focusing on which areas can most benefit from the technology. Daniel Jakubisin hits on the issue most relevant for the public, tackling the prevalence of data collection and how to both target collection and make it palatable for a broad user base afraid of privacy infringements. 

Ending with a rapid-fire round of what their organizations will look like in 2025, this panel is essential viewing for anyone interested in the future of AI/ML. As this panel says, “it takes a digital village.” View the discussion here:

Moderator: Rika Nakazawa, Group Vice President, NTT Global

Panelists: Tommaso Melodia, Director of the Institute of Wireless Internet of Things, Northeastern University; Ravi Guntupalli, Director of Technology, Cisco Systems; Jeff Nezon, Senior Sales Executive, Summit Tech; Daniel Jakubisin, Research Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech