Connected World Solutions with 5G | Keynote by Paul Challoner

Connected World

In Paul Challoner’s visionary keynote, he paints a detailed picture of an interconnected future made possible through advancements in 5G.  

Touching on the aspects of society most impacted by advanced network capabilities, Challoner dives into autonomous vehicles, smart cities & infrastructure, entertainment, agriculture, healthcare, and many more. 

His presentation covers not just the expected growth in these industries, but a potential timeline for advancement, both from within the individual sectors and from 5G to 5G Advanced, and 6G. With a target date of 2030, and with many game-changing innovations in between, our 6G future may not be that far away.  

An essential portion of this keynote is a focus on sustainability. Challoner highlights how moving to more extensive reliance on 5G will markedly improve industry’s impact on the environment, vastly improving the role of energy use and data collection on the impending climate crisis. 

Lastly, he covers the “Forces Shaping Our Future” both in tech and in society, ranging from AI to the redefining of trust in a digitized world. The metaverse is coming, and with it will be a redefinition of priorities, sustainability, and efficiency. If we follow his predictions and guidance, the future will be something impressive to behold.  

Check out this keynote to hear it directly from him.