Faster and Further: Advancing Infrastructure Inspections with 5G

From airport runway inspections to gas leaks to hurricane response, UAS over 5G is a critical use case for advancing to more cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, and safer infrastructure.  

Providing three unique perspectives on the growth of drone operations as they relate to infrastructure, this panel is a window into the intricacies associated with making a transition from crewed to uncrewed, and particularly how 5G plays an important role in a vision for the future.  

How much more data can be collected from an airport runway inspection done by drone? How much faster can a crash scene be assessed on a remote highway in North Carolina? How efficiently can a state prepare for a hurricane, and how quickly can a response be sent out when it hits?  

Watch this video to hear the answers to these questions and more as the experts discuss infrastructure, drones, and the critical role that regulations play in advancing to a 5G future. 

Moderator: Bronwyn Morgan, CEO, XeoAir  

Panelists: Scott Uebelhart, Chief Scientist, MassDOT Aeronautics Drone Program; Alex Cadigan, Environmental Engineer; Riley Beaman, State of North Carolina UAS Program Manager