Innovation at the Edges: New Frontiers with 5G Architecture

Recorded Sept. 27, 2021

After identifying world-changing use cases with 5G, the speaker and panelists in this session explore what’s involved in developing a sustainable 5G architecture, especially in the utilization of drones and wireless technologies. Watch as keynote speaker Thierry Klein, President of Bell Labs Solutions Research at Nokia Bell Labs, discusses these new frontiers.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Thierry Klein, President of Bell Labs Solutions Research, Nokia Bell Labs


  • Gerry Libunao, Distinguished Engineer, Network Planning, Verizon


  • Dipesh Modi, Communications Network Engineering, Principal, MITRE
  • Javed Khan, Director, 5G RAN Product Management, Altiostar
  • Devaki Chandramouli, Head of NAM Standardization, Nokia