Smart Cities: An Interconnected Future

Smart Cities

One of the most innovative implementations of 5G technology is in the emergence of smart cities, entire municipalities that are not only interconnected but have language written into their charters that open doors for emerging technology to factor heavily into their growth and development. 

A beacon of hope for this interconnected future is Purcellville, VA. Who better than Mayor Kwasi Fraser to lead a panel of experts to discuss the ins and outs of smart cities? Joining him are Mike Cannon, Renu Chaudhry, and Tom Sawanobori, sharing their expertise on the current capabilities of 5G and their ideas for the future. 

Mayor Fraser poses a variety of important questions to the panel, covering topics including barriers/challenges for implementation, health & safety applications, relevant successes, and exciting use cases yet to come. 

Speaking to the barriers and challenges, Mike Cannon talks about the importance of density, noting the challenge of some 5G technology that requires deployment every 2,000 feet. Renu Chaudhry talks about how this moment is a launching pad, with 5G paving the way for thousands of applications, disrupting both traditional and digital sectors. Noting a key advancement in the French Quarter, Tom Sawanobori speaks to the possibilities of heightened public safety and the renewal of trust for potential tourist areas experiencing high crime. 

Tune in to this exciting panel and hear more from the experts as they speak to a bright future for enhanced 5G implementations. 

Moderator: Kwasi Fraser, Mayor, Purcellville, VA  

Panelists:Renu Chaudhry, CSO, OST, Inc.; Frank Matus, Director, ATC Digital Aviation Solutions, Americas, Thales; Tom Sawanobori, SVP and CTO, CTIA; Michael Cannon, Chief Technology Officer, Stafford County, VA