Smart Health: Bringing Patients & Providers into the Connected Future

Smart Health

The connected health ecosystem is one of the most hopeful innovations that 5G can bring forward for society. With advancements made somewhat ahead of schedule due to the pandemic, now is an exciting time to continue momentum in an industry with numerous layers of buy-in needed to implement advanced technology that can change the lives of both patients and providers. 

Moderated by Katherine Kim, this panel, including multiple healthcare professionals, muses on the possibilities that open from 5G implementations in the healthcare industry. The panel ranges from discussions around the impact of the pandemic on virtual care to the necessity of innovative network slicing to achieve true reliability. 

Dr. Solorza discusses how the pandemic immediately impacted the willingness of patients to come into the office for treatments and checkups, forcing providers’ hands and accelerating a cautious embrace of telehealth. S.M. Hasan dives into the importance of network slicing, and how it can impact both the capability and trust of virtual services being provided to patients. Expanding on the necessity of network slicing, Peter Linder talks about the necessity of getting buy-in from patients, relating a story of his own family’s lack of understanding of how networks and devices function in order to capture data. 

There are near limitless use cases for 5G that can be deployed to positively impact patient services and provider trust, from wearable bands that remind patients to take care of themselves to at-home medical equipment that comes pre-installed with network access. These innovations and more are discussed on this panel, and the future they describe is one worth investing in. 

Hear it from the experts themselves. 

Moderator: Katherine Kim, Principal, Consumer Health Informatics, MITRE

Panelists: SM Hasan, 5G Mission Leader/ Principal Engineer, General Electric; Dr. Juan Lopez Solorza, MD, Associate Medical Director, Director of Clinical Education, Livingston Community Health; Peter Linder, Head of 5G Marketing & Thought Leadership, Ericsson North America