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        • Dive into the revolutionary work that MITRE Engenuity is doing within this critical ecosystem.

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        • Hear directly from the semiconductor experts through our speaker series featuring titans of industry, groundbreaking researchers, and many more.

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        • We are relentlessly advancing the art of threat-informed defense, anchored by a belief that we can improve our defenses with a systemic application of a deep understanding of adversary tradecraft and technology.

        • ATT&CK Evaluations
        • We offer objective analysis of cyber products and features – see our latest results.

        • Center for Threat-Informed Defense
        • Read more about the cutting-edge research and development being done with input from our participant organizations, featuring some of the top security operations centers.

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        • Strengthen your threat-informed defense capabilities with our cybersecurity trainings taught by MITRE ATT&CK subject matter experts.

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        • The transformative power of 5G shifts paradigms across industries and empowers businesses to change the way they interact with people. See how MITRE Engenuity is impacting the next generation of telecommunications. 

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        • We are getting to our 5G future faster. Discover how we are accelerating network technology and device-to-device application innovation through use case-focused R&D in the Open Generation 5G Consortium.

        • Health
        • We identify potential health security threats to ensure faster public health pandemic responses and incubate new ideas to ensure national health security.

        • Growing Impact
        • We deliver positive public impact through advanced technological innovation projects.

        • Cyber Risk Model for Mobile Digital Financial Services: Securing Mobile Money Services. Explore Our Cyber Risk Model for Mobile Financial Services product
        • Embedded Capture the Flag: Developing Tomorrow's Cyber Workforce Today. Get Involved with MITRE's Embedded Capture the Flag Competition
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Who We Are
Innovation for Public Good

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We are a tech foundation for public good

Born of the reality that R&D investments are shifting dramatically to the private sector, MITRE Engenuity was formed in 2019 as a part of MITRE Corporation. It is our fundamental belief that without guidance, nurturing, and radical collaboration, these critical industry investments might be lost in a sea of ideation without implementation. MITRE Engenuity addresses the realities of the ever-shifting landscape of American Innovation and the impact drivers who guide it, convening experts, organizations, and investors in a non-competitive space to drive generational impact for public good.

Our vision is to begin to work with industries to turn competition into a force for good that will challenge us to work together, to aspire toward greater productivity, greater impact – to find a common goal that is higher than the profits of one company.

Ajit Kahaduwe, Managing Director of Incubation and New Product Development

Singular Capabilities

A focus on solving issues critical to national security and a healthy economy enables us to bridge the gap between competitors, tackling problems that no one organization can solve alone. Through this radical collaboration we create generational impact for public good.

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Collaborative Innovation

United by the common belief that through collaborative ideation we can unlock the true capability of American Innovation, we break the mold with our unique workflow just as we break the mold in our groundbreaking industry partnerships.

Empowering Industry

Our process of accelerating innovation to deliver results for the public good means that we arrive at complex problems at different parts of their life cycle. For this reason, MITRE Engenuity views each project as Incubate, Accelerate, or Cultivate. Our work within these pillars is delivered in these innovative ways:

R&D Consortia

Bridging the gap between competitive organizations and thought leaders, collaborating for the public good leads us to groundbreaking discoveries in numerous industries from cyber to telecommunications.

Impact Projects

We work with industry to do special research projects that enable their advancement of technology that is in the public interest.

Grant-funded Studies

Strategic relationships with philanthropic foundations investing in public issues.

Subscription Platforms

Driving impact directly to individuals through fairly priced services.

Startup Incubation

Incubating MITRE IP and innovating external venture-backed start-ups.



Managing Director for Cyber Resiliency

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Sean Heritage

Managing Director for Cyber Resiliency

As the Managing Director for Cyber Resiliency, Sean is responsible for advancing the art of threat-informed defense through partnerships with industry, providing objective analysis of cyber products, and making MITRE developed capability and expertise more accessible across the private sector. All in the name of driving generational impact for public good.

A career naval officer and cryptologist by trade, Sean has focused his creative energy on developing teammates, building creative cultures, and strengthening partnerships between the public and private sectors. From leading the Navy’s defensive cyberspace operations to serving as the principal advisor to the Director of the National Security Agency to helping to create the Department of Defense’s Innovation Unit in Silicon Valley, Sean has made a career of transforming individuals into teams, connecting ideas to opportunity, and ensuring smart creatives reach their potential in a bureaucratic world where they would not otherwise thrive.

Since retiring from military service, Sean has held executive-level positions at two Silicon Valley SaaS cybersecurity companies, Authentic8 and Horizon3.ai. An Ironman finisher and author of the book “Connecting the Dots: Deliberate Observations and Leadership Musings About Everyday Life”, Sean now resides in Annapolis, MD, and volunteers much of his “off time” to helping veterans “land well” as they transition from uniformed service.

Sean earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from the United States Naval Academy and master’s degrees from Johns Hopkins University (Information Technology Management) and the Naval War College (National Security Studies).


Chief Technologist, Advanced Technologies

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Raj Jammy

Chief Technologist, Advanced Technologies

As Chief Technologist, Dr. Raj Jammy is responsible for incubating and accelerating technologies in partnership with the private sector, and for developing strategic frameworks that promote technologies for the public good. Passionate about technology as well as building highly motivated teams, he has worked with many leading companies and nurtured many collaborations across the globe. A seasoned semiconductor/electronics industry executive, Dr. Jammy brings 25 years of experience to his role at MITRE Engenuity.

Prior to joining MITRE Engenuity, Dr. Jammy served as Vice President of Materials and Emerging Technologies at SEMATECH, a global semiconductor industry consortium, from 2008 to 2013. There, he worked with companies spanning the semiconductor ecosystem, including Intel, IBM, TSMC, GlobalFoundries, Samsung, CNSE, Qualcomm, UMC, as well as over 45 semiconductor equipment, SW, and materials suppliers. He oversaw the consortium’s efforts in front-end CMOS logic, novel memory technologies, 3D interconnects, and emerging beyond-CMOS technologies. As Chair of SEMATECH Executive Steering Council, he drove decisions on the technical programs, timing and budgets, reporting to the Board of Directors, in coordination with customer company executives. During his tenure, Dr. Jammy interacted extensively with senior leaders and decision makers in the global semiconductor industry value chain.

Since the start of his career at IBM’s Semiconductor Research and Development Center in 1996, Dr. Jammy has fostered many collaborative relationships not just with companies, but with universities and government agencies in the US (DARPA, IARPA, DoE, DoD, DMEA, NIST, etc.) and around the world, including Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Germany, UK, and Belgium.

Jammy holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University, where he conducted part of his research at DoE’s Argonne National Laboratory. He holds more than 50 US patents, and is the author/co-author of over 225 publications/presentations.


Managing Director of Incubation and New Product Development

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Ajit Kahaduwe

Managing Director of Incubation and New Product Development

As the managing director of incubation and new product development, Ajit Kahaduwe leads the team responsible for discovering MITRE ideas which are scalable for the public good with private industry. His team members evaluate market opportunities based on financial and social return criteria and develop ideas using lean startup methodology.

Kahaduwe has extensive global experience working with cellular and public safety systems from planning, deployment, optimization, standardization with a strong focus on regulatory and public requirements in E-911, Public Warning System, and the pre-cursor recommendations for FirstNet. Additionally, he led software development and innovation incubation teams in big data and analytics, cloud services, network health, drones, and location technologies.

After a global career at Nokia and Motorola in addition to a network equipment startup, Kahaduwe joined MITRE in 2021. Prior to joining, he was a senior product management executive at a global SaaS web collaboration and unified communications as a services provider. He is also a Scrum Alliance certified scrum product owner and hold patents in location and security technology.

Kahaduwe holds a BS in electrical engineering with minors in economics and international affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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General Manager, Center for Threat-Informed Defense

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Jon Baker

General Manager, Center for Threat-Informed Defense

As the General Manager for the Center for Threat-Informed Defense, Jon Baker is responsible for the Center’s strategy and its outcomes as he convenes the global cybersecurity community to advance the state of the art and the practice in threat-informed defense. Jon co-founded the Center as a privately funded research and development organization where he partners with sophisticated cybersecurity teams to systematically advance the global understanding of adversary tradecraft and apply that knowledge to improve the community’s ability to defend against those threats.

Jon has extensive experience leading research teams and collaborating with industry to advance cybersecurity capabilities. Most recently, he led MITRE’s Cyber Threat Intelligence and Adversary Emulation Department where he was responsible for advancing those critical capabilities across MITRE’s work program and overseeing MITRE’s work on CALDERA and MITRE ATT&CK®. Jon led MITRE’s team in the early development of the OASIS STIX and TAXII standards while supporting the Department of Homeland Security. Jon led MITRE’s security automation team through the development of SCAP and managed the CVE team.  He was a cocreator of OVAL, a standard language for describing and checking for the presence of misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and other endpoint artifacts.

Jon holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Boston University and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Tufts University.


General Manager, MITRE ATT&CK Defender (MAD)

Read Chriss's Bio

Chriss Knisley

General Manager, MITRE ATT&CK Defender (MAD)

As the general manager of MITRE ATT&CK Defender™, Chriss Knisley leads the team responsible for MITRE Engenuity’s new training and certification offering built to change the game in threat-informed defense. MAD provides cybersecurity defenders with free video-based training on the effective use of ATT&CK and certifies their mastery through an innovative subscription-based certification program. We’re helping to fill the cybersecurity skills gap with threat-informed defenders, and certifying elite defenders in their knowledge of using ATT&CK in their daily jobs.

Chriss Knisley has more than 20 years of software industry experience in development, product management, sales and marketing. Prior to joining the MITRE Engenuity Team, Chriss served as the President and Chief Product Officer (CPO) of Haystax Technology where he led the software development, product management and marketing of Haystax’s industry-leading security analytics platform, Constellation Analytics Platform. Constellation is a robust, multi-tenant, multi-model AI and workflow platform that can be deployed on premises or in the cloud to combine multiple disparate data sets to understand insider threat risk.

He joined Haystax from IBM, where he held several product, business development, and sales leadership positions within IBM’s Smarter Cities (now Safer Planet) division working on intelligence analysis, counter-fraud, and policing programs. He joined IBM through the acquisition of i2 where he led the product teams for both the COPLINK policing products and the i2 Analysis products including the pioneering visual link analysis product, i2 Analyst’s Notebook.

Knisley holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Syracuse University, where, as a student and employee, he led efforts to create some of the first interactive, multimedia and data-driven Web sites and Web-based applications in the world.


General Manager, Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) Evaluations

Read Ashwin's Bio

Ashwin Radhakrishnan

General Manager, Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK) Evaluations

As General Manager, Ashwin runs ATT&CK Evaluations, equipping the information security community with objective data evaluating the technology and people associated with building a holistic, threat informed defense. He is continually working to expand the scope of Evaluations, branching out to all aspects of the threat informed security process, with a focus on delivering valuable data for end-users to  make the most informed decision possible when selecting tools and capabilities to protect their environment.

Ashwin has been in the information security space since 2017, serving as the Lead Product Manager for multiple products/platforms, spanning from Threat Intelligence Platforms to Detection and Response products.  Throughout this experience, Ashwin focused heavily on building towards the ATT&CK Framework and improving threat informed defense capabilities within his products. Additionally, he worked in enterprise sales, resulting in interfacing with 1000s of CTI analysts, SOC analysts, Directors, and CISOs in a variety of different sectors and geographical regions.

Prior to his information security experience, Ashwin worked in investment banking and venture capital, informing his focus on running organizations and analyzing the industry at large.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a Minor in Marketing from University of California, Riverside, and a Master of Business Administration in International Business from St. Mary’s University, Twickenham in London, with additional coursework taken at Oxford.

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