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We are a tech foundation for public good

Born of the reality that R&D investments are shifting dramatically to the private sector, MITRE Engenuity was formed in 2019 as a part of MITRE Corporation. It is our fundamental belief that without guidance, nurturing, and radical collaboration, these critical industry investments might be lost in a sea of ideation without implementation. MITRE Engenuity addresses the realities of the ever-shifting landscape of American Innovation and the impact drivers who guide it, convening experts, organizations, and investors in a non-competitive space to drive generational impact for public good.

Our vision is to begin to work with industries to turn competition into a force for good that will challenge us to work together, to aspire toward greater productivity, greater impact – to find a common goal that is higher than the profits of one company.

Ajit Kahaduwe, Managing Director of Incubation and New Product Development

Singular Capabilities

A focus on solving issues critical to national security and a healthy economy enables us to bridge the gap between competitors, tackling problems that no one organization can solve alone. Through this radical collaboration we create generational impact for public good.

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Collaborative Innovation

United by the common belief that through collaborative ideation we can unlock the true capability of American Innovation, we break the mold with our unique workflow just as we break the mold in our groundbreaking industry partnerships.

Empowering Industry

Our process of accelerating innovation to deliver results for the public good means that we arrive at complex problems at different parts of their life cycle. For this reason, MITRE Engenuity views each project as Incubate, Accelerate, or Cultivate. Our work within these pillars is delivered in these innovative ways:

R&D Consortia

Bridging the gap between competitive organizations and thought leaders, collaborating for the public good leads us to groundbreaking discoveries in numerous industries from cyber to telecommunications.

Impact Projects

We work with industry to do special research projects that enable their advancement of technology that is in the public interest.

Grant-funded Studies

Strategic relationships with philanthropic foundations investing in public issues.

Subscription Platforms

Driving impact directly to individuals through fairly priced services.

Startup Incubation

Incubating MITRE IP and innovating external venture-backed start-ups.

MITRE Engenuity Leadership

Our team is comprised of experts from the industries and disciplines that drive our modern economy, from microelectronics to 5G to cybersecurity and beyond

Laurie Giandomenico

Laurie Giandomenico, Ph.D.

SVP & Chief Acceleration Officer of MITRE Accelerator, and Managing Director, MITRE Engenuity

Laurie Giandomenico is senior vice president and chief acceleration officer. In this role, she positions MITRE to collaborate and engage with the private sector, government, and academia to advance our whole-of-nation approach to solving national problems.

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Managing Director of Incubation and New Product Development

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Ajit Kahaduwe

Managing Director of Incubation and New Product Development, MITRE Engenuity

As the managing director of incubation and new product development, Ajit Kahaduwe leads the team responsible for discovering MITRE ideas which are scalable for the public good with private industry. His team members evaluate market opportunities based on financial and social return criteria and develop ideas using lean startup methodology.

Kahaduwe has extensive global experience working with cellular and public safety systems from planning, deployment, optimization, standardization with a strong focus on regulatory and public requirements in E-911, Public Warning System, and the pre-cursor recommendations for FirstNet. Additionally, he led software development and innovation incubation teams in big data and analytics, cloud services, network health, drones, and location technologies.

After a global career at Nokia and Motorola in addition to a network equipment startup, Kahaduwe joined MITRE in 2021. Prior to joining, he was a senior product management executive at a global SaaS web collaboration and unified communications as a services provider. He is also a Scrum Alliance certified scrum product owner and hold patents in location and security technology.

Kahaduwe holds a BS in electrical engineering with minors in economics and international affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology.



General Manager, Center for Threat-Informed Defense

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Jon Baker

General Manager, Center for Threat-Informed Defense, MITRE Engenuity

As the General Manager for the Center for Threat-Informed Defense, Jon Baker is responsible for the Center’s strategy and its outcomes as he convenes the global cybersecurity community to advance the state of the art and the practice in threat-informed defense. Jon co-founded the Center as a privately funded research and development organization where he partners with sophisticated cybersecurity teams to systematically advance the global understanding of adversary tradecraft and apply that knowledge to improve the community’s ability to defend against those threats.

Jon has extensive experience leading research teams and collaborating with industry to advance cybersecurity capabilities. Most recently, he led MITRE’s Cyber Threat Intelligence and Adversary Emulation Department where he was responsible for advancing those critical capabilities across MITRE’s work program and overseeing MITRE’s work on CALDERA and MITRE ATT&CK®. Jon led MITRE’s team in the early development of the OASIS STIX and TAXII standards while supporting the Department of Homeland Security. Jon led MITRE’s security automation team through the development of SCAP and managed the CVE team.  He was a cocreator of OVAL, a standard language for describing and checking for the presence of misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and other endpoint artifacts.

Jon holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Boston University and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Tufts University.

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