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We build collaborative R&D programs that strengthen our collective defenses across industries. Our Center for Threat-Informed Defense builds on the foundation of MITRE ATT&CK™ to accelerate innovation and improve cyber defense globally. Together with industry partners, we’re relentlessly advancing efforts to understand and respond to cyber threats.

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With independent advice and systems thinking, we aim to leverage health data so it can become a critical changemaker in patient care. MITRE Engenuity works to transform incompatibilities across the spectrum of care so medical information can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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MITRE Engenuity is accelerating US capabilities in 5G to ensure free-market industry remains competitive in the global 5G landscape. We are driving applied research and development of new 5G enterprise applications by working in partnership with a diverse set of industry leaders to build and democratize 5G testing infrastructure. We are the Open Generation Consortium that spurs American innovators in the development of new 5G vertical solutions.

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We’re taking the best practices from aviation safety and adapting them to meet the unique requirements of unmanned aviation and autonomous transportation, using standards to move this entirely new industry forward.

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