complex global health challenges

We solve complex global health challenges with unique expertise

We seek to answer questions that are meaningful to the health security of our nation and the world. As a nonprofit, we follow health data outcomes over the long term and don’t have to worry about finding profit.

Drawing on MITRE expertise and specialists ranging from digital health experts to machine learning and artificial intelligence experts, we test in the private sector the ideas that result from publicly-sponsored projects. We build complex datasets using our specialty in clinical informatics and building value; this helps us better understand disease and the efficacy of treatments. While working with big companies to generate these impacts, we also provide insights enabling them to improve.

With a trusted and innovative background, MITRE Engenuity is uniquely placed to solve complex health security problems that neither government nor industry can solve on their own. We realize this by building data-driven solutions that simultaneously monitor multiple EHR systems for specific profile of symptoms to alert decision makers to new or changing health trends. We also monitor trends in real-time using federated public health, health analytics, and other digital health data sources. Our model and simulation experts draft the exact logic of the workflows of the unique business models that we are interested in.

A prototype solution from MITRE, Astute Canary, proves that companies can share data by aggregating and transforming data from around the world to provide real-time global health security threat insights that can enable action. Further information can be found [here]. With Astute Canary, MITRE Engenuity aims to provide industry with the capabilities it needs to continue working to address both the expected and, critically, the unexpected.