Together with nonprofits and the private sector, MITRE Engenuity implements innovative ideas to solve our nation’s toughest health challenges, driving safer, more effective health care. We bring together data owners and deep learning and analytics to develop breakthrough innovations that advance the future of medicine and patient outcomes.

Building on the leadership that MITRE brings to standardizing health data and empowering patients with information, Engenuity engages with the private sector to bring together partners and expertise to translate aggregated data into tools that can be used to diagnose and treat illnesses.

Engenuity is also using population health analytics to identify interventions that reduce health care costs, as well as tools that support clinical decisions.

Working together with our cyber experts, we guide organizations in ways to protect patient safety in the event of a cyber attack, bringing together unique expertise in threat-informed cyber defense and healthcare IT to understand both the constraints of securing a clinical environment and the ways in which adversaries try to infiltrate networks and systems. At Engenuity, we’re committed to changing things for the better in health so we can significantly improve the approaches and practices that will improve the well-being of future generations.