A Challenge for Our Nation

Stylized Photo Illustration of U.S. Map on a Semiconductor Chip

Regaining leadership in semiconductor manufacturing is essential to national security and our economy. The 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) provides for the creation of the National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC) and calls for funding to revitalize domestic manufacturing in partnership with industry. Ensuring maximum benefit from these government investments is critical for U.S. competitiveness. Doing this requires outcome-driven implementation and thoughtful consideration of the impacts to national security, free markets, and our digital economy from thought leaders and change makers across industry, academia, and government.

A Whole-of-Nation Solution for a Whole-of-Nation Challenge

Semiconductors are an essential part of our modern economy and critical to our national security. Now is the time for the U.S. to assert itself as a global leader in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) calls for funding to revitalize domestic manufacturing, with a specific callout for the creation of the National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC). 

Ensuring maximum benefit from government investments is critical for U.S. competitiveness. The NSTC must be designed and established strategically, breaking with historical norms to capitalize on the realities of the modern global semiconductor supply chain. 

Private-public partnership amongst industry, government, academia, and investors is essential to achieving the impartial governance and revolutionary innovation needed to reassert U.S. leadership in semiconductor technology. 

Collaboration for Global Impact

The Semiconductor Alliance, a convening of industry leaders and experts, seeks to define a vision and objective for the NSTC, guided by the principle that funding authorized for semiconductors deliver measurable impact for the U.S. By coming together to ensure that the Federal investment yields demonstrable return, The Semiconductor Alliance creates a plan for U.S. innovation, supply chain resiliency, and restoration of U.S. leadership in semiconductor manufacturing. This alliance formed in the public interest seeks to answer 10 Questions on How to Invest $10 Billion in a National Semiconductor Technology Center with input from across the semiconductor ecosystem. The Semiconductor Alliance will publish its findings in September 2021.

Reimagining Semiconductor Supply Chain

With the passage of the CHIPS Act, the U.S. government is at a critical juncture in determining its future in the semiconductor industry. The potential for $50 billion worth of investments necessitates consultation with the experts, which is why MITRE Engenuity convened them for a seven-part speaker series: Circuit Talk. Each episode features insight and expertise from titans of industry, academia, and government, offering their take on where the U.S. should invest, how they should prioritize, and what the future of the semiconductor industry could look like.

A Call to Leaders

Ensuring secure and assured access to semiconductors is a complex challenge that no one company can solve on its own. The need for a self-sufficient supply chain across the U.S. and allied countries is paramount to ensuring economic resiliency in times of difficulty. Leaders must both encourage domestic manufacturing of today’s legacy and leading-edge technologies, as well as invest in risk-takers who pursue new ideas, providing them with the resources and environment to succeed with domestic production.

Circuit Talk Speaker Series

Circuit Talk is a speaker series that creates an open dialogue around these complex technology issues, framed against the backdrop of public policy and public good.