A Revolution in Enterprise 5G

Innovation in 5G networks is challenging for many reasons. Prototyping and demonstrating new 5G technologies require access to functional stand-alone 5G networks and testing infrastructure. The need for 5G testing infrastructure raises the barrier to entry for innovators and slows advancement and adoption. 5G verticals require focused collaboration across deeply technical industries, such as aviation, automotive, manufacturing, and health. Regulations further stand in the way of innovation and increase the complexity of practical integration and implementation of new technologies. The regulatory frameworks for target industries of enterprise 5G do not readily accommodate telecommunications capabilities creating a barrier to entry for 5G solutions. Emerging 5G standards are similarly industry-specific, and do not effectively cross technical domains, leading to theoretical and unproven ability to support 5G vertical use cases.

This is why progress must be driven by collaboration across 5G innovators and enterprise customers.

By working in collaboration to create an innovation ecosystem, industry can establish technical breakthroughs, common standards, and successful operating models. The Consortium’s shared test and demonstration infrastructure will be the focal points for focused end-to-end, application-driven development, unlocking the enormous 5G enterprise market estimated by the World Economic Forum to be $13.2 trillion.

With MITRE Engenuity at the helm, we will provide trusted technical guidance; build testing infrastructure; speak with a single voice to influence regulations; convene innovators, end-users, and researchers to identify and solve the most challenging problems facing deployment of enterprise 5G.

Open Generation’s first challenge is to unlock the power for 5G connectivity for unmanned aerial systems (UAS). We have already revolutionized the way the aviation industry works with government regulators with the ASIAS initiative, tackled development of counter UAS technologies through a challenge program, and launched SecureG to provide trusted certificate authority for 5G. Leveraging our trusted experience in aviation, unmanned vehicles, and 5G security, Open Generation seeks to connect the skies using 5G networks.

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