About Us

Harnessing MITRE’s 60 years of R&D discipline, we know how to mobilize quickly and take action with the private sector to create a safer world. Our tech foundation for public good, MITRE Engenuity, is dedicated to solving problems for a safer world by accelerating innovation with industry in the public interest.

We’re driven by research and technology to stabilize the industries that make up our critical infrastructure, like finance, telecommunications and healthcare. But Engenuity’s solutions don’t just benefit a single company; they drive innovation that changes industries and become global standards.

There are challenges that no single entity can own or solve. These challenges require partnership. With MITRE’s inclusive community of innovators, learners, knowledge sharers and risk-takers, we’re stepping up, reaching out, and working together to create a safer world.


Laurie Giandomenico
Vice President & Chief Acceleration Officer