About Us

Practical Beginnings

Born of the reality that R&D investments are shifting dramatically to the private sector, MITRE Engenuity was formed in 2019. It is our fundamental belief that without guidance, nurturing, and radical collaboration, these critical industry investments might be lost in a sea of ideation without implementation. A wholly owned subsidiary of MITRE Corporation, MITRE Engenuity addresses the realities of the ever-shifting landscape of American innovation and the impact drivers who guide it, convening experts, organizations, and investors in a non-competitive space to drive generational impact for public good.

Who We Are

MITRE Engenuity serves as a critical, impartial convener in an R&D ecosystem often dominated by self-interest and profit-motivated decision making. Our hypothesis, proved through decisive action, is that through radical collaboration, bringing competitors together with a focus purely on the public good, we can solve whole-of-nation problems with whole-of-nation solutions.
Our team is made up of experts from throughout the industries and disciplines that drive our modern economy, from microelectronics to 5G to cybersecurity and beyond. By grounding our work in that which is most critical for our society, our role as a non-profit has led, and will continue to lead, us to drive innovative solutions for the semiconductor industry (link to whitepaper), UAS over 5G (link to range), threat-informed defense (CTID), and a revolutionary partnership in the health industry on the horizon.

Impact for Public Good

The future of the United States will be shaped by inter-industry partnerships that reshape and redefine the way our nation addresses the transformative problems we face. By serving as a neutral convener, MITRE Engenuity exercises the tremendous responsibility of uniting typically competitive organizations and individuals within a space where their focus in purely for the well-being of the United States. Our focus on solving issues critical to national security and a healthy economy enable us to bridge the gap between competitors to solve the problems that no one company could solve alone.

MITRE Engenuity Leadership

Laurie Giandomenico

Vice President & Chief Acceleration Officer