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MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations provide vendors with an unbiased assessment of their ability to defend against adversary behaviors, as described in the ATT&CK knowledge base. A vendor can better understand its capabilities and limitations to motivate future improvement, making solutions better and the world safer.

ATT&CK Evaluations advance industry capabilities by emulating adversary behavior for testing. Basing evaluations on ATT&CK aligns them to a common lexicon understood by security practitioners from both the offensive and defensive perspectives. 

These evaluations are not a competitive analysis, so you will not find scores, rankings, or ratings. Instead, we work with each vendor independently and evaluate how they approach threat detection in their own way.

Impartiality and transparency are essential components of MITRE Engenuity’s mission, so we make our methodology and results available to everyone. The results enable a vendor’s customers to make informed decisions about their defensive cybersecurity investments and use the capabilities more effectively.

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