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Uniting Diverse Communities to Provide Limitless 5G Connectivity for All

“Ericsson’s vision is to support the creation of a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future. Open Generation’s mission to unite diverse industry partners for the creation of public good is a critical step toward limitless connectivity. To change the world, we must first come together and leverage the valuable knowledge and experiences of us all.”

– Paul Challoner, Vice President Network Product Solutions, Ericsson North America

As one of the leading global providers of 5G network equipment, Ericsson plays a pivotal role in deploying connectivity solutions around the world. A founding member of the MITRE Engenuity Open Generation 5G Consortium, Ericsson has led the development of architectural frameworks for several 5G use case experiments. Paul Challoner is a member of the Open Generation Management Committee and frequent speaker at the consortium’s sponsored events. In this member spotlight, Paul describes how leveraging the valuable experiences of Open Generation’s diverse membership helps Ericsson in its mission to make a positive, sustainable impact on society.

Q: What do you most value about being an Open Generation member and holding a seat on the Management Committee?

Being a part of the Open Generation Management Committee allows working through industry challenges in a collaborative environment. Together, we overcome barriers to innovation and streamline the progress towards a 5G connected future for all.

Q: How has collaborating with other Open Generation members helped advance Ericsson’s strategic objectives?

Ericsson’s vision is to support the creation of a world where limitless connectivity improves lives, redefines business and pioneers a sustainable future. Open Generations mission to unite diverse industry partners for the creation of innovation for public good is a critical step towards limitless connectivity. To change the world, we must first come together and leverage the valuable knowledge and experiences of all.

Q: Looking back on your contributions to Open Generation working groups, what has been the biggest accomplishment? How can new members help Open Generation be even more effective?

My advice to new members is a sentiment that you hear echoing the halls at Ericsson, “Speak-up.” Do not be afraid to challenge the status quo and historical ways of doing things. Groundbreaking innovation can only be achieved through new ways of thinking. I am most proud of the creation of the Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS) test bed environments that are now yielding practical learnings and results for the industry.

Q: What future Open Generation work is Ericsson most interested in? What use cases are you particularly interested in advancing?

We are excited by the consortium’s work to drive deeper understanding of 5G UAS and how the use cases can be practically operated using today’s 5G networks. We are looking forward to expanding to wider use-cases resulting in at scale commercial adoption, delivering a positive, sustainable impact on society.

Q: Are there any types of members not part of the consortium today with whom Ericsson is most interested in working?

The strength of the consortium is its diverse membership, each contributing their unique expertise for the betterment of the industry. We must continue to welcome new members whose perspectives help further our mission and provide a wider ecosystem perspective.

Q: Are there particular standards organizations that you are most interested in informing through your work with Open Generation?

When it comes to implementing and innovating in 5G, the 3GPP standards provide the framework for building resilient future technologies. Open Generation has recently joined 3GPP and we should continue the liaison work to contribute to and inform future standardization.

Q: How do you envision using the data yielded from experiments conducted with Open Generation?

There is nothing like practical experimentation to further the development and understanding of a new technology. We should use the powerful insights derived from the consortium’s test bed experiments for the common good of the industry and society in commercialization of 5G.

Q: How does cross industry collaboration enable Ericsson to influence the market?

Industry collaboration allows alignment of ideas, sharing of concepts, and the ability to demonstrate Ericsson’s thought leadership. The experimental data created in the consortium generates proof points that are grounded in fact and science-based reasoning. These proof points are essential in influencing the ecosystem.

Q: As a thought leader and innovator, Ericsson’s influence is known across industries. How can Open Generation platforms like government liaison roundtable discussions and access to cross-industry summits enhance your sphere of influence?

Open Generations ability to be a trusted advisor to industry and regulatory influencers is a key benefit of consortium membership. Open Generation’s independent position provides an opportunity to be an objective educator. It is important to have ambassadors who can be trusted to present unbiased findings that help further innovation.

Collaborate with leaders like Ericsson to drive 5G innovation

Working in the public interest to drive U.S. strategic competition, Open Generation members and collaborators come from all sectors to realize and commercialize 5G capabilities that are greater than what any member could arrive at independently. The work continues and still requires diverse collaboration among industry leaders, startups, researchers, and government. Want to support Open Generation’s mission? Download the membership overview, and let’s shape the future of 5G together. Learn more about Open Generation’s work leveraging 5G technology to overcome safety and operational gaps for critical UAS use cases. Read about the four use cases that form the basis of UAS evaluations, testing, and experimentation.