Circuit Talk Episode 1 - The US Semiconductor Industry Episode 1

The US Semiconductor Industry

What do physics and translational R&D have to do with the future of the supply chain?

  • Dr. Edlyn Levine
  • Chief Technologist, MITRE Accelerator
Aired: May 5, 2021

In Episode 1 of MITRE Engenuity Circuit Talk, co-hosts Dr. Nadia Schadlow, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, visiting fellow at MITRE and visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution, and Pavneet Singh, nonresident fellow at the Brookings Institution, begin our speaker series with a conversation about the physics of semiconductors.

Their first guest, Dr. Edlyn Levine, Chief Technologist at MITRE Engenuity, explains the scientific challenges behind creating smaller and smaller chips and then talks about the impact that has on the semiconductor ecosystem. Dr. Levine makes it clear that US Leadership and thoughtful investment in translational R&D are critical.