The Visions Driving 5G: Unleashing World-Changing Use Cases

Recorded Sept. 27, 2021

Driving 5G research and development in the United States requires outlining world-changing use cases that are relevant to society. With society use in focus, 5G leaders identify current barriers to overcome in order to define the architecture for 5G. In this session, learn more from our keynote speaker and panelists of the ideal use case scenarios that drive public good.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Paul Challoner, VP Network Product Solutions, Ericsson


  • Marcus Weldon, Innovation Guru


  • Attila Takacs, Entrepreneur in Residence, Ericsson D-15
  • Izabela Gheorghisor, Principal Communications Engineer, MITRE
  • Phil Burks, Founder, Managing Member and CEO, FIRST iZ
  • Eric T. Ringer, Chief of Staff, Robotics Business Technology, Verizon