Validating 5G Readiness

5G Ready is an independent integration and validation program designed to accelerate 5G hardware and software integration and provided trusted performance validation in a 5G SA field test environment to speed new 5G-enabled devices, solutions and applications to the marketplace.

Open Generation 5G Consortium provides:

  • Open access to 5G test networks and partner affiliate resources to lower the barrier to entry to test and validate in the field
  • Accelerated 5G technical integration with advanced engineering advisors speed from lab to field in 8 weeks
  • End-to-end technical support, data and analytics, device and solution validation
  • Tailored expertise for Open Generation 5G Consortium priority verticals such as aviation, agriculture and smart cities
  • Trusted independent evaluation and network performance capture
  • Public showcase of achievement to amplify 5G readiness and solution reliability
full stack integration and new capabilities

“Working with MITRE Engenuity’s Open Generation 5G Consortium, Inspired Flight was able to significantly speed up 5G integration into our aircraft and allowed our team to focus on validating command and control through cellular communication in a real world environment. Their team of experts streamlined integration and allowed our proof of concept to fly C2 and BVLOS over 5G in just 6 weeks.”

Marc Stollmeyer

Co-Founder and Director of Product, Inspired Flight Technologies

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