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ATT&CK Powered Suit

Put MITRE ATT&CK® at Your Fingertips

ATT&CK Powered Suit is a freely available browser extension that puts the MITRE ATT&CK® knowledge base at your fingertips. This extension enables quick searches for tactics, techniques, and more without disrupting your workflow.

Easily copy snippets into a notebook to streamline your research. Export selected techniques to ATT&CK navigator. The extension supports context menus, omnibar, and more.

This project would not have been possible without our valued partnership with Fujitsu. We are especially grateful to Mr. Toshitaka Satomi for proposing the original concept and for his hard work providing the initial source code.

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Install ATT&CK Powered Suit for your favorite browser in less than a minute.

Powered Suit Plugin Screenshot

Created with Cyber Threat Intel Analysts
and Defenders in Mind

The MITRE ATT&CK community spends too much time copying and pasting text from one place to another to achieve simple tasks like looking up ATT&CK technique IDs, linking to a software page, or just finding a term from the latest threat intel report in the ATT&CK knowledge base. Now, with ATT&CK Powered Suit, you can quickly look up ATT&CK objects. This extension creates an overlay in your browser that lets you copy information with a single click to paste into your research notebook.


The demo video below provides a short summary of the key features and use cases.

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