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Sync Up With ATT&CK Sync!

The ATT&CK Sync project streamlines upgrades to new versions of MITRE ATT&CK® by providing tools and resources to migrate existing projects to current ATT&CK versions in a timely and efficient manner. The ATT&CK knowledge base is updated twice per year and with each new ATT&CK release, these projects fall behind and become outdated. ATT&CK Sync provides tools and a methodology that organizations can use to implement their own solutions for keeping up with latest version of ATT&CK, saving time and effort for all.
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Enabling the ATT&CK community to keep up to date

We created ATT&CK Sync to improve our own team’s ability to keep projects fresh and relevant, and quickly recognized there was a need across the ATT&CK community to keep up to date. As with all our resources, those that make up ATT&CK Sync are open-sourced, freely available, and applicable to any project or organization that relies on ATT&CK.

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